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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Running today

I like to run.

I like to get out of the house and walk. Not stroll, walk.. walk walk.. walk faster.. then I get into a rhythm.. walking swiftly... and at one point, walking is no longer efficient.. then I run.. Its a slow run... very slow run... you can call it a jog.. a very slow jog.. The running world does not approve of the word "jog", its just called a run, no matter what the speed. :)

So I go slow.. as slow as I have to go. Am I gasping for breath? Then I go slower still. I don't care what people think. I don't care who looks at me. I don't care that others are running faster or longer. All I care is.. one foot goes in front of the other and I push on ahead... run run run..

I love to run! The wind rushes past my face.. the road sweeps behind me, as I put my feet forward one after another.. one more step, one more step. Deep breaths, deep breaths.. inhaling for 3 steps (right left right), exhaling through the next 3 steps (left right left), inhaling, exhaling.. I had never been so conscious of breath!! and its such a systematic rhythm!! in-in-in-out-out-out... 1-2-3, 1-2-3... in-in-in, out-out-out... 1-2-3, 1-2-3...and my mind is forced to sing.. "Kuch na... kaho..!! Kuch bhi na... kaho...!! 1-2-3, 1-2-3!! ...... " Shuddh desi runner!! ;)

PS: This post is for my sake.. so I remember tomorrow how fun it was to run yesterday. When the bed is warm and comfortable, its cold outside, even the sun is not quite ready to be up, and my alarm goes off telling me to get up and run, I often forget how running is so great!! Many such run-skipped mornings later, I have entirely forgotten the joy of running, I have forgotten that I can run, that it was the very effort that brought me joy! This post is for those days, to remind me that I really do love running!! And I certainly can run! So just go out there!! Run if I can, walk if I have to, crawl if I must, but I will not give it up!!!


Aparna S Mallya said...

wow, we seem to be posting on the same days too. lol!
aloo methi looks good :).

ss said...

Thanks, Aparna!

Cooking Foodie said...

That is a post that can inspire non runners too...

SS said...

You think so? Thanks! I hope it does.

Thanks for visiting this post and for the comment! :)