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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bhenda Upkari (Spiced Okra)

Hi everyone! Today's post is a somewhat traditional dish - Bhenda Upkari or Spiced Okra (Ladyfingers). This is a simple preparation as long as you have the required ingredients. My favorite dish to make for myself.

Fig. 1. Bhenda Upkari

Lot of people really don't like Bhindi. But I so love it! Actually I didn't know that I liked it. Then I didn't eat it for many years. Family here doesn't like it at all. So I didn't cook what I figured no one else would eat. I thought that I am probably ok without Bhindi and simply never made it. Then after many years I happened to eat Bhindi back home. And I remembered how de-licious it was! Oh, I had missed Bhindi, my darling Bhindi.. for all these years and I didn't even know it!! 

(Very filmy I know.. Jaaney Tu Ya Jaaney Naa-sque.. My lost and found love for the vegetable next door!) -- PJ Queen strikes again!

Now I look for excuses to make this for myself, (just for myself if necessary), but once in a while I make it. And what's really sweet, out of consideration for me now my family members are pushing themselves to just barely eat one-serving of Bhindi! :) If they eat even one-serving that is ok with me! Thanks people! :)

These few weeks I am visiting a friend who loves Bhindi in all its forms. So now I intend to make as much Bhindi as possible to last my tastebuds and my blog a lifetime! :D

This dish is a traditional preparation. This is my Mom's recipe. I am not sure, maybe several communities in Karnataka might make it. I cannot be sure about its exact authenticity or roots. Anyway, here goes..

Bhindi (okra/ladyfingers) - 1 packet frozen chopped
Methi (fenugreek) seeds ~ 1/2 teaspoon
Amti powder ~ 1 teaspoon. 
(Amti powder is like garam masala. I presently use a treasured stash from my Grandma's kitchen. You can get it at Mangalore stores or some such Kanara grocery store in India. Sometime in future I will see if I can post a recipe for amti powder. For now I am posting here a link to Amti powder as posted by Nupur on One Hot Stove.)
Red chilly powder ~ 1 teaspoon
Oil ~ 1 tablespoon
Salt to taste

1) Use a non-stick pan. Heat oil, add methi seeds. Let them get lightly browned.
2) Add amti powder, salt and red chilly powder to oil. Mix.
3) Add frozen okra pieces (unthawed). Stir well and make sure the spices coat the okra well while it is still frozen solid. Keep the heat on medium and let the bhindi cook. Stir from time to time. Bhindi will stick to the pan. Do not cover the pan or add water. This will prevent the bhindi from getting too slimy. Cook till the bhindi gets soft, slightly browned and well cooked. My Mom used to manage to get it somewhat crisp. :)

That's all! Simple enough! I will post Masoori Amti next, which goes well with this Bhenda Upkari and Rice. Cheers and enjoy!


Malar Gandhi said...

Bhenda upkari sounds comforting, must be delicious with simple dhall rice.

SS said...

Hi Malar.. yes, it's great with plain daal and rice! I even eat it just by itself!! :)

Cheers and see you around!

anudivya said...

Well, I like bindi, but don't necessarily get it right every single time. It sometimes turns slimy on me! This is a simple and nice dish.

SS said...

Hey Anudivya.. I agree, sometimes bhindi does get slimy. Usually I just don't let much water get into the dish. And I don't cover the pan. Keeps it relatively dry and slime-free. Hope that works for you.

Thanks for visiting here and for your comment!