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Friday, April 16, 2010

Papaya tree

Pretty papayas (I think) growing near my friend's house.

And she had never noticed them before!! Do you notice which trees grow near your house? Which birds flit onto your patio?

I often don't know the names for trees, flowers, birds and cannot identify a thing. But let's see, I have decided to post anything pretty I see (that waits long enough for me to click).

If I don't know what it is, you will! :)



Priya (Yallapantula) Mitharwal said...

SS, I love green papayas. Not such a big fan or ripe ones. I so planted to plant this one, but got afraid of what would happen when it will start fruiting as it does in bunches, I mean in one season it has anywhere from 15-30 veggies and then fruits. The plans to consume them scared me ... lol

SS said...

Hey Priya.. It would be so nice to have homegrown papayas! You could give away the extras.

I just briefly looked up growing papayas. And it does look like quite a bit of work to grow stuff yourself.

M D said...

Hey, papayas remind me of some good curries and chutneys that we can make from them. I am not fond of the fruit and my husband can't tolerate them at all! So I sneak them into my cooking and he doesn't even realize. He asks me innocently what it is, I nod saying it's pumpkin!!! LOL, poor guy enjoys it so much :D

SS said...

Haha.. that's funny, MD! Such deceit are we forced to practice to feed our loved ones! :D

Pavithra said...

Nice to have homegrown papayas...

SS said...

Hey Pavithra.. actually we did not grow these.. Someone else must have planted them. They are just near our friend's place. :)

Wish the owner of the plant would donate a few to us! :D